Let Chef Kelly stamp your passport to an exciting Culinary Tour to Brazil. Your Adventure begins as soon as you arrive at Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo Brazil.  Your are greeted by your personal Chef and tour guide with transportation to your first stop to the Isand of Guaruja.  While traveling approximately 1.5 hours, you will enjoy some flavors of Brazil, both Food and Drink. 

After you arrive at your hotel, you will have time to unpack and get ready for your first cooking class.  You will have a brief orientation and issued your own professional chef uniform and knife kit.  You will spend your afternoon at the beach with your tour guide and enjoying the national cocktail of Brazil, the Caipirinha. Each Day you will have a cooking class and be visiting local restaurants and markets.

13 Days of Culinary Adventure in Brazil.  First visit the state of Sao Paulo and explore an authentic brazilan restaurant and cook along side of the Brazilian cooks to learn their techniques and recipes, then onto the largest produce & meat market in South America, exposed to different tropical fruits and vegetables, travel around Sao Paulo at night and taste the authentic Churrasco Brazil is famous for.

We will be back at the Island of Guaruja for a lesson in classic desserts and salads.  Spend the afternoon at the beach tasting different cocktails Brazil has to offer.  The next day off to a small fishing village to meet the local fisherman and they will show us how to prepare and enjoy the catch of the day.

Next day visit the soccer field where the world famous Pele played for Santos.  While at the beach in Santos, we will visit a local pastry and sweet shop.  Afternoon we will take a short boat ride to our hotel for more of what Brazil has to offer, Cold Beverages, Appetizers and Homemade Caipirinhas.

13 Days of Culinary Adventure

Brazilian Desserts  Flan, Coconut Custard, Passion Fruit Mousse

Brazilian BBQ Churrasco, Skewered Meats and Appetizers

Brazilian Beer and Brazilian Cocktails
Brazilian Vegetables, Salads, Soups and Yucca (Mandioca)

Brazilian Classic DIshs (Feijoda) (Pork, Rice & Beans) (Seafood)

Cooking Classes in Brazil

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2017 Summer Camp Dates

      Session 1....June 12th - June 17th      Ages 10 - 17       Day & Residential Camp

     Session 1A.....June 12th - June 17th   Ages 6 - 10    Junior Baking Program


​     Session 2.....June19th - June 24th     Ages 10 - 17   Day Only/Residential Full

    Session 2A....June 19th - June 24th    Ages 6 - 10      Junior Baking Program 


    Session 3.....June 26th - July 1st     Ages 10 - 17    Day & Residential Camp

    Session 3A....June 26th - July 1st   Ages 6 - 10        Junior Baking Program


    Session 4....July 3rd - July 8th      Ages 10-17        Day & Residential Camp

    Session 4A....July 3rd - July 8th      Ages  6-10       Junior Baking Program


     Session 5....July 10th - July 15th   Ages 10-17      Day & Residential Camp 

     Session 5A....July 10th - July 15th   Ages 6-10         Junior Baking Program


     Session 6....July 17th - July 22nd   Ages 10-17   Day Only/Residential  Full

     Session 6A..July 17th - July 22nd   Ages 6-10         Junior Baking Program


     Session 7..July 24th - July 29th    Ages 10-17      Day & Residential Camp

     Session 7A....July 24th - July 29th    Ages 6-10          Junior Baking Camp

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