Day 1   Campers will start out Monday learning about kitchen equipment, kitchen safety, hygiene and terminology.  Then flour everywhere in the Bake Shop learning to make breads, danish, puff pastries and muffins.

Day 2  Campers will be introduced to their knife kits and learn knife skills, chopping, dicing and julienne cuts. Campers will learn to prepare stocks, soups and salads

Day 3  Campers will be learning different cooking techniques with poultry and beef.  Campers will learn the 5 mother sauces and use them with dishes such as Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Ala King, Beef Teriyaki, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken and Dumplings. Light butchering and cut up a whole chicken.

Day 4  Campers are baking up a storm learning pies, cakes, cookies, fruit pies and custard pies. Campers will also learn some famous desserts such as chocolate eclairs, creme brulee, baked  Alaska.

Day 5  Campers are back to the Bakeshop to learn cake decorating. Campers decide what kind of cake they want to build, a decorated layer cake or theme cake.  Using the Wilton method students will learn how to make roses with icing and completely decorate their own cake.

Day 6  Campers will have fun showing off what they have learned at the graduation luncheon.  Campers will learn Asian cuisine using their own oriental cleaver.  Proper chopping techniques, and stir-fry, egg rolls, wontons and basic sushi skills.

In addition to all of this, each morning students learn different breakfast items and egg cookery.campers learn how to flip an egg in a pan and prepare typical breakfast dishes.  During the week campers will also learn garnishes and how to apply each garnish to different foods.


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Campers who attend a 2 week session will do all of the curriculum of a 1 week session with the addition of the following:

Advanced Baking & Pastry to include chocolate truffles, wedding cake construction and artesian breads  

Seafood cookery including using fresh Florida seafood, clams, shrimp, and fresh local fish

Hors d oeuvre and party planning, campers will learn how to prepare hot and cold appetizers, canapes and menu planning

Brunch cookery to include quiche, crepes, salads and cold soups

Ethnic dishes from Italy including fresh pasta and sauces. Ethnic dishes from South America including paella, empanadas and Brazilian BBQ. Advanced Sushi from Japan

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​​​  The Kids Culinary Academy of Florida


Tuition for Day CampT

​Day Campers receive there own professional knife kit, Chef's Uniform and much more, including the graduation luncheon for the family.  Tuition for Day Camp is $800.00 first week.  Discounts for multiple weeks. 2nd week and following weeks $600.00,  Sibling discounts also.

Tuition for Residential Campers

We are in the process of scheduling sessions for our out of town campers. Please call and speak with Jessica about Dates and Tuition.  Average tuition for a week is $2350.00  Discounts for multiple weeks.

 2018 Summer Camp Dates

 Session   1:   June 4th - June 9th           FULL  

 Session  2:   June 11th - June 16th   FULL

  Session   3:   June 18th - June 23rd

  Session   4:   June 25th - June 30th

  Session  5:   July 16th - July 21st

  Session  6:  July 23rd - July 28th

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  Saturday Morning Classes to be announced for the Spring.

  Adult Classes will be throughout the year, to be announced soon


8:00 A.M TLL 2:00 P.M

Returning Students call for a Discount 



Tuition for Junior Baking Camp

Junior Campers receive there own professional chef's uniform and cake

decorating kit along with other bakeshop utensils and much more, including the graduation luncheon for the family  Tuition for Junior Camp is $375.00 first week.  Discounts for multiple weeks. 2nd week and following weeks $300.00   Sibling discounts also.