2019 Summer Camp Dates

 Session   1:   June 16th - June 22nd     Day, Residential, Junior

 Session  2:   June 23rd - June 29th   Day, Residential, Junior

  Session  3:   June 23rd - July 6th      2 Week Culinary tour to N.Y.

  Session  4:   July 21st - July 27th      Day, Residential, Junior

  Session  5:   July 28th - August 3rd     Day, Residential, Junior

  Session  6:   August 4th - August 10th    Day, Residential, Junior

  Session  7:   August 11th - August 17th   Day, Residential, Junior


​ All New Friday After School and Evening Kids Cooking Classes


 Introducing a Culinary Tour for Kids to New York City & the CIA

Returning Students call for a Discount 



​​​  The Kids Culinary Academy of Florida



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